International Coloring Contest [OPEN]!

Celebrating Spring Coloring ContestI am so excited to announce the Celebrating Spring Coloring Contest!! Here in the U.S. we are nearing Springtime – when the Spring showers usher in the most pleasant weather and the beautiful flowers are blooming! To celebrate, I have illustrated a coloring page and would LOVE to see how you color it! You could win a PRIZE!!!

I have an awesome prize awaiting the winner! That’s right – one of YOU could win a $15.00 e-Gift Certificate to where you can shop for arts & crafts supplies!


Enter for your chance to win a $15.00 e-Gift Certificate

How Do I Enter the Contest?

The rules are simple… PRINT, COLOR, TAKE A PIC & POST!!

PRINT: All you have to do is go to the link provided below and print off my hand-illustrated, FREE coloring page on your printer.

Print the Celebrating Spring Coloring Page by clicking HERE

COLOR: You may use any coloring medium of your choice (colored pencils, crayons, markers, paint, etc.). The image will print at the standard size of 8.5 x 11″. (Please limit 1 entry per person).

TAKE A PIC & POST: Take a picture of your artwork after you’ve finished coloring it. You may post your pic on either Instagram OR the Multiplicity Craft Facebook Group (HERE) by using the hashtag: #MCSpringColoringContest

Make sure your Instagram account is set to Public so that I can see your post – also be sure to add the hashtag so I can find your entry!!

How Long Do I Have to Enter?

The contest will run from March 4, 2018 – March 29, 2018. The contest is open internationally to everybody (if below age 18, you may enter with parental/guardian permission). Winners will be chosen/notified on the weekend after contest concludes. Winner has one week to claim their prize after being notified or an alternate winner will be chosen. Your e-Gift certificate will be sent to you electronically via e-mail.

March is also National Craft Month, so let’s celebrate big! If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.  I look forward to seeing your amazing entries!!

Disclaimer: Contest is not sponsored by Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, or This is a contest hosted by the Multiplicity Crafts blog and the prize will be awarded by the administrator of Multiplicity Crafts.

Can You REALLY Win Craft Giveaways??

Can You REALLY Win Craft Giveaways__

Do you ever enter craft giveaways in hopes of winning free goodies? Have you ever won a craft giveaway? I must admit, I haven’t won many – but I have won some! I think part of the key to winning is persistence. You may enter 50+ giveaways before you will win one. To some, the odds just aren’t worth it – but to others, it’s worth a shot! If you want to learn more – just keep reading. 🙂

Where To Find Craft Giveaways

There are many ways to find current craft giveaways online. You can usually find quite a few on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. I have searched the Internet for you and have conveniently placed them all in one place. You can visit my Giveaways & More page to see current giveaways all year long!

However, I am sure that you can find many more than what I have listed. I would recommend searching for YouTube craft channels that are doing video hops or blog hops. Also, I have found many flash giveaways on Instagram. Subscribe to craft companies, small craft blogs, and crafty YouTube channels to learn about new giveaways as they are posted.

P.S. When I reach certain goals on this blog and YouTube channel, I will also host giveaways. See previous winners HERE. Please be sure to follow me on social media so you don’t miss out. All of my links can be found under the Info tab on this blog.

Giveaways I’ve Won

Just to let you know that craft giveaways CAN be won, I have some screenshots below of a few which I’ve won (I have hidden personal info and/or other people’s names for privacy reasons). Obviously, the less entrants, the better your chances. But I have been shocked to have won craft giveaways where there were nearly 2,000 entries… and I’m NOT a naturally lucky person, haha!! I do not always enter giveaways so my winnings are minimal. I hope I haven’t forgotten any – but the ones I recall winning so far are:

Untitled design

↑ A giveaway I won from on Instagram.

Untitled design(1)

↑ A giveaway I won from Factory Direct Craft on Facebook.

Untitled design(2)

↑ A giveaway I won from on YouTube.

I do not have screenshots for all the giveaways I have won, but I won a giveaway from Vicky Papaioannou over at I have also won digital images from smaller craft blogs/individuals and YouTube channels.

So yes, you can win craft giveaways – but it will definitely take persistence. Hoping you win some goodies soon!! Oh, and don’t forget to check out my Giveaways & More page! - Create More, Spend Less

SURPRISE Flash Sale!!



Just dropping by with a SURPRISE for you! has launched a SURPRISE Flash Sale running now through February 27, 2018. This sale features: EasyPress for only $129.99, cartridges starting at only $6.99, up to 60% off cardstock + more! Take advantage of these great offers before they end! Also, you can get Free Standard Shipping on orders $99+ with code FONTFEB.

Shop new arrivals from Cricut!If you may have noticed, the Cricut EasyPress is on sale… but how does the EasyPress work? It’s simple. The EasyPress is a tool designed to give you amazing, professional iron-on results and flawless transfers. If you like to design your own t-shirts, tote bags, etc., then the EasyPress would be perfect for you! Make personalized gifts with this handy tool, as well!

There’s also tons of fun paper crafting items for sale – so take a few minutes to at least browse what’s included in this amazing SURPRISE Flash Sale by Cricut! Also, be sure to follow this blog and check back often for exclusive coupon codes, giveaways, freebies, and challenges… click HERE for more info! Happy shopping and happy crafting!

 The lightweight, low-profile BrightPad makes crafting easier while reducing eye strain.

BLOOPERS: Why I Don’t Do Many Face-to-Face Videos!! :-)


Hello everyone – I’ve got a quick post for you! I am coming to you today with a video of my outtakes and bloopers!! 🙂  Whether you want to laugh along WITH me or AT me… this video is meant to bring smiles and to show that we’re all human, we all make mistakes, and we can have a good laugh (or at least a smile)!

Oh, and before I go – don’t forget to visit my Giveaways & More page to see the latest coupon codes, giveaways, freebies, and challenges.

Please note: The audio on the video is best heard using earbuds/headphones. I hope the following video is enjoyable for you – my crafty family! ♥ - Create More, Spend Less

Xyron Adhesive Eraser | Does It Work??

Xyron Adhesive eraser

Hi crafty friends! 🙂 Today, I thought I’d drop by with a review of the Xyron Adhesive Eraser! I actually ordered one from eBay recently and tried it with a few different glues to see how it performed.

This product is 2 x 2″ in size and is used to remove adhesive. It’s perfect for those times when, maybe, you got too much glue that oozes out the sides of the paper. Or, it’s also nice for the times when you adhere something down but change your mind. Without this product, you’d be left with a shiny, sticky spot on your project. It is marketed to work on plastic, glass, paper and more – but for this review, we will see if it works on paper.


Did It Work With…

cmarkZots Glue Dots?? Yes… With the Glue Dots, I would recommend using more of a “pushing” motion (in one direction), which will cause the adhesive to roll off of the paper. No residue or paper damage left behind!

redxElmer’s Glue Stick?? No… It took some of the tackiness away but I was still left with somewhat of a shine from the glue.

cmarkScor-Tape?? Yes… the eraser worked like a dream on the Scor-Tape. This sort of shocked me since Scor-Tape is a very good, strong adhesive. I got perfect results.

redxElmer’s School Glue?? No… much like the Elmer’s Glue Stick (mentioned above), it did not really work too well for this particular glue. As I stated before, it did take a bit of the tackiness away – but I would not recommend it for use with this particular brand of school glue.

cmarkZig 2-Way Glue Pen?? Yes/Sorta… I was so happy that the eraser worked with the Zig 2-Way Glue Pen decently because that is what I most needed it to work most with! I usually use my Zig when I am adhering thin die-cut letters… without fail, I will get a tiny bit of glue that oozes out, leaving a shiny spot on my paper next to the die-cut. When/If that happens, just wait for the glue to dry and then gently erase away the sticky shine with the Xyron Adhesive Eraser. I will say, it doesn’t erase 100% clean away as if it were never there… it leaves a slightly dull appearance to the paper; however the sticky and shiny are gone!

redxRecollections Permanent Glue Runner?? No… However, I have not tried the eraser with repositional glue runners or different brands. But as far as the Recollections Permanent Glue Runner goes, the Xyron failed me.

redxSuper Glue?? No… Granted, most paper-crafters and/or card-makers won’t typically reach for the Super Glue as often; still, I wanted to give it a try. But nope – didn’t work on this tough stuff!

cmarkStickles Glitter Glue?? Yes/Sorta… It removed the glitter residue too. If you have a small amount it works best, but if you have a large area covered in glue… be wary! The glitter chunks in the glue sort of act as a sandpaper and can take little bits of the paper away (depending on the quality of the paper you use). I did notice a little glitter on the corner of my eraser afterwards, but it was easily removed. You can remove the glitter the eraser picks up by either snipping the very corner of the eraser with scissors OR you can vigorously erase it away on a clean sheet of paper (if it isn’t too much).

As you can see, it all depends on which type of glue you are trying to remove AND your quality/texture of paper. I would also venture to say that it would depend a lot on the surface too (whether plastic or glass). However, the information above is in regards to how the Xyron Adhesive Eraser works on cardstock paper. I hope this review was helpful for you. If you want to try for yourself, you can find some really great sales for this product on eBay, where you can get it for a fraction of the cost (super affordable)!

↓↓↓ See this product in action on my YouTube channel  ↓↓↓

P.S. I don’t sell this particular product, but I do currently have a few crafty items over at my eBay store if you want to browse.

Happy crafting, friends! - Create More, Spend Less


Bible Art Journal Flip-Through


Hello one and all! Today, I will be showing you a video of all the entries in my Bible art journal thus far. My sweet husband, Josh, got it for me as a gift for Christmas (2016), so I’ve had it a little over a year at the time I’m writing this. In this time, I’ve completed 29 pages of art to go along with each particular scripture I’ve chosen. I find this is a creative way to worship, memorize scripture, and meditate on the Word. For more about Bible Journaling, you may be interested in my previous post, “Bible Journaling 101”.

I hope you enjoy my Bible Art Journal Flip-Through video below:


Best of 2017 | Multiplicity Crafts Awards!!

Welcome to the 2nd annual Multiplicity Crafts Awards blog!! In this blog, I will be featuring my favorite paper craft tools and products of the year! If you want to see my picks for 2016, you can click HERE. So, let’s jump right in, shall we?!

Multiplicity Crafts 2017 Awards


Best Pigment Ink Pad: ColorBox Pigment Ink Pad


This is a new category I’ve added, simply because pigment ink pads behave differently than dye ink pads. I’ve chosen ColorBox pigment ink pad as the winner this year because of the ease of use, versatility, color payoff, and nice color selection!

Best Dye Ink Pad: Tsukineko – Memento Ink Pad


This favorite of mine is a 2nd year winner for many reasons! First of all, it lasts a very long time without having to re-ink! I have had the SAME ink pad for a couple of years now and it’s still going strong! Also, I love that it is fast-drying on the paper… which is great for me since I tend to be accident-prone and could easily smear ink that isn’t as fast-drying.

Best Cardstock: Avery Elle The Everyday Collection


Cardstock makes me happy… a beautiful, colorful cardstock puts me over the moon!! 🙂 I must admit, cardstock is my crafty weakness. I love so many designs that it’s really tricky for me to only choose one as the winner; but with all things considered, I’m going to choose Avery Elle (The Everyday Collection). I found this collection very useful since the designs are simple yet colorful. I also found that the designs and colors matched nicely to compliment my creations.

Best Coloring Product: PrismaColor Premier Colored Pencils


I actually found a really good deal on eBay and purchased the PrismaColor Premier colored pencils on sale. I was amazed at the creamy quality of these pencils and how easily they blended. I use my white pencil to blend harsh pencil lines away.  I have truly enjoyed using these pencils over the past few months and feel that my art and coloring is enhanced by this amazing product.

Best Stamp Set: Whimsy Stamps “Bee-Cause” Clear Stamp Set


My first time to use Whimsy Stamps was in 2017. I was amazed at the crisp images I got with these quality stamps. Even the text which was in a thicker font stamped wonderfully; not to mention the images were adorable!

Best Adhesive: Scor-Tape Double-Sided Adhesive


Yes, this adhesive is a 2nd year winner! I simply love it because it does what it’s supposed to do. It has a very strong grip and is so versatile with it’s thin strip design. I have reached for this adhesive so many times when I need something reliable. It’s also great to use a strip of this and foil overtop – no machines required! It’s deceiving because it doesn’t look like there’s much on a roll, but it will last through several projects – no problem! Can’t say enough good about this product.

Most Innovative Product/Tool: We R Memory Keepers Laser Square and Mat


I must say, I don’t currently own one of these nifty tools but the usefulness of this – wow! I love this idea since I have a really hard time with placing things straight on my projects. I like that it keeps things stright horizontally AND vertically at the same time. Not only would this innovative tool be great for crafting, but it would also be nice to use on other household projects and even for hanging wall art that us crafters may make! Two thumbs up for this innovative product!!

Most Useful Product/Tool: Sakura Micron Pigma Micron Archival Ink Pen Set


I never knew a pen could be so useful as this!! I especially reach for my Micron 08 (0.50mm) pen because it’s a fine enough tip for details but broad enough for using on my Bible Art Journal without bleeding through the page. Also, when stamping – sometimes the image or font may not stamp perfectly… this pen is perfect for filling in the gaps in the ink. I also love this pen for sketching and writing on envelopes or in cards. I can even use this pen to outline a pencil sketch and erase the residual pencil lines without smearing the ink! It’s a high-quality amazing pen!

Did your favorite craft product or tool make the list this year? Or, do you have any recommendations of products that I should try? If so, please leave me a comment below… I’d love to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by today… Happy Crafting!