Masculine DIY Card Ideas

Girly, frilly, or colorful cards seem to come natural for most card-makers since there are so many feminine embellishments on the market. Lace, gemstones, sparkly glitter… it all makes for a gorgeous card. But what about those times when you need to make a masculine card? Well, I’m glad you asked! 🙂

So, let’s begin with a few ideas…


~Create a card based upon his (the recipient’s) age and hobbies. Does he like fishing, golf, motorcycles, football or does he have a particular hobby? If not, what are his interests? Is he into politics? What is his favorite band? Does he have a favorite TV show? A favorite food? Is he talented in a certain area (as a musician, professor, handy-man, techie, etc.)? This might help jog your mind for some ideas and a theme.


~If the recipient is a casual acquaintance, you may not know his hobbies or interests. In this case, you can create a card based upon a masculine color theme. Some good masculine colors to use are green, blue, gray, brown, black, white, and varying shades of these colors. Come up with a well-coordinated color palette first. This will help make the card-making process a lot easier. Choose a minimum of 3 colors – that’s usually a good rule of thumb. If going for a pattern in these colors, some “safe” masculine patterns are stripes, plaid, tweed, and checks.


~When creating a masculine card, sometimes, less is more (depending on his personality). It is usually safe for a masculine card to go with a CAS style. CAS stands for Clean And Simple. A Clean And Simple card is just that – not a lot of embellishment or busy-ness going on. Think, straight lines, not a lot of layers, and easy on the eyes.


Sometimes it helps if there is a holiday that you are designing the card for. Instead of worrying about a lot of decorations, focus on the text/sentiment – let that be the focal point of your card. When using a text/sentiment as the focal point, be sure it is in a large font so it will fill up the majority of the card front.


If the card recipient is a close friend or family member, here’s an idea for a personalized card… Find your favorite photograph of them, or of a trip you went on together, or of a good memory – and make that the background of the card. Remember, photo paper comes in a variety of finishes, so it may be best to go with a matte finish for a card (but the choice is yours). Add a strip of Vellum or cardstock to the top of the card to add your sentiment.


People always like to get something in their cards – whether it’s money, a gift card, or even concert tickets! Go with the theme of the gift inside for the cover of your card. For example, if you have concert tickets tucked inside an interior pocket of the card, make the card front cover with a music theme. Not only is this a unique way to present a gift but it will also keep their tickets in a safe place!!


There are plenty of gentlemen that are not necessarily into sports – but for those who are, a sports-themed card would be a delight! Let’s say they are celebrating a birthday – maybe use their age as part of the card… for example, if making a basketball themed card, perhaps put a jersey on the front with the jersey number being their age. Or perhaps, a football card as shown below!


Really – the sky’s the limit when it comes to being creative! It always stretches me outside of my comfort zone to make a masculine card – but it is healthy for us artists and creatives to always challenge ourselves so we don’t get into a rut. Plus, you may find that thinking outside the box really gets the creativity flowing!

Happy Crafting!

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