heART of Worship: Bible Journaling 101

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog and video with the heART of Worship team! This wonderful team is an extension of the design team I am currently with, which is The Scrapbook Blessings Club. We are a team of four Christian women that would love to share the heART of Worship through Bible Art Journaling.

The first Sunday of every month I will contribute another installment to the heART of Worship – and the other ladies will take turns on the remaining Sundays. In the video at the bottom of this post, I have links to their YouTube channels – so be sure to check out their Bible journaling videos! Also, the heART of Worship Facebook page can be found HERE.


What Is Bible Art Journaling??


Example of Bible Art Journaling by Krystal Whitten (click for link)

Bible art journaling has become increasingly popular in the crafting community. It is a creative way to read, memorize, and study scripture. I’m the type that never wrote in my Bible or even dared to highlight a verse! Haha!! But, since there are actually Bibles on the market that have a dedicated blank space on the side of each page especially for creative art journaling, I am free at last! You can get the Bible in any version you choose (I prefer King James Version) and it is a complete Bible with the added space on the sides.

Now the question is… what can be used to decorate the pages? Well, pretty much any craft supply you already own could work; but there are specific products for Bible journals. In fact, there is a popular company called Illustrated Faith (click for link) that sells items specifically for journaling in your Bible! You can use stickers, stencils, colored pencils, gel crayons, stamps, washi tape – pretty much anything. I would highly recommend using Gesso (which is like a canvas primer) to coat your page before adding your art. You can add the Gesso with a brush or foam wedge. This way, if you use markers or paint, it won’t bleed through the page. Plus, the Gesso will give you a smoother surface for your art.

I decided to start art journaling as an additional creative way to spend time meditating on God’s Word while I relax and do something I enjoy. I look at it as a creative form of worship to the Lord. Of course, it doesn’t take the place of my nightly quiet time with Him… it only adds to it, which is a plus! Any time spent with our minds fixed upon the Lord is never wasted. Think about it… in scripture, God used artists and creative people to help build the Temple. There had to be skilled seamstresses to sew the curtains to specifications, and those skilled with their hands to create all of the ornate furnishings of the Temple. I love to use my talents to honor the Lord and I feel that it puts a smile on His face…

Check out my 1st Bible Art Journaling video below! ↓ ↓ ↓   

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