Easy DIY Mini Art Trio

Easy, affordable, quick, and fun… today’s blog and companion video are all of these things! The mini art trio we are going to be making today can be hung on a wall, put on a mantel, or used as desk decor. For the supply list and instructions, keep scrolling. ↓ ↓ ↓


Supplies List:


Step 1: Begin by painting your frames if you choose to do so. This is entirely optional. Cut two 5″ heart shapes on your Cricut Machine or by hand.

Step 2: Using your ruler and pencil, draw a straight vertical line on the back of the hearts about 1/3 of the way in. Be sure to do it reverse on the second heart. Use your scissors to cut on this line. You will be left with 2/3 of the heart shape for each heart.

Step 3: Cut three pieces of coordinating cardstock paper for your backgrounds at 4×6″. Remember, the center frame will sit horizontal, so if your paper has patterns, cut accordingly. Glue your cut heart shapes on the two vertical paper panels. The center panel is your centerpiece, so decorate it as you wish. For mine, I used a song verse – but you can choose whatever you’d like.

Step 4: Decorate your cardstock using markers, glitter, or whatever you choose. Cut your transparency sheet (or acetate) at 4×6″ for all three frames. This reflective, clear paper will act as your “glass” to your frame. Place your finished art and transparencies in the frames. Decorate and embellish the outside of frames as you choose!

I hope this was a fun, easy, and affordable craft idea for you to try! Be sure to check out the companion video below!

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