Paper Craft Tools 101

Okay crafters, class is in session! Let’s go over your crafting vocabulary and see how you score. Today, let’s go over some commonly used paper crafting tools.

When I first began paper crafting, I would actually have craft store workers look at me with a  clueless expression when I asked if they sold the Fiskar’s Stamp Press. 🙂

I’m not claiming to be the final authority on crafty terminology because I was once a newbie too… but after nearly six or seven years of consistently crafting, I’ve picked up some of the crafty lingo. You may easily know all of the terms listed below, but I thought this would be a fun blog to help us grow and learn together – whether an advanced crafter or a beginner! So let’s hop to it!!

↓Bone Folder ↓


Bone Folder: A tool used to fold paper for a crisp crease. It’s called a “bone” folder since some are made of bone, but most are actually made of plastic.

↓Scoring Board↓


Scoring Board: A board with grooves and a ruler used to score/crease paper where you want to fold it for a straight, measured, crisp fold. Used in coordination with a bone folder.

↓Stamp Press↓


Stamp Press: A tool used in coordination with clear/cling unmounted stamps (stamps that are not on a wood block). The grid helps you align your stamp while the large surface is great for larger stamps to cling to.

↓Versamark Clear Ink Pad↓


Versamark Clear Ink Pad: Used to watermark paper, create a tone-on-tone look, or as a sticky ink for embossing powders to cling to.

↓Washi Tape↓


Washi Tape: Most of you probably know this one, but it is a paper-like decorative tape that can be used to decorate items (pencils, flower pots, etc.) or used in planners, on cards or in scrapbooks.

↓Distress Ink↓


Distress Ink: Created by Tim Holtz, this unique ink is great to give your paper projects a distressed/aged look. These inks can also be used with a blending tool to make your own backgrounds for your cards. Additionally, you can watercolor with these inks or stamp with them. A versatile ink!

↓Flair Badges↓


Flair Badges: These little paper embellishment circles are great to make wearable buttons out of. Or, they can also be used alone as decoration for your cards or scrapbook pages.



Copics: Copic Markers are very popular in the Arts & Crafts world. They are permanent, alcohol-based markers that give the effect of a marker/paintbrush hybrid with their unique nibs. They also blend seamlessly with other Copics for a dimensional look to images that you color. Another very versatile product!



Ephemera: Embellishments/decorations used on cards or scrapbook pages. Ephemera usually consists of something “collectible” such as a ticket or something that is usually discarded but is kept and treasured as a work of art. There are also packets of ephemera which can be purchased to give the same effect.

↓Layering Stamp Set↓


Layering Stamp Set: A set of stamps which can be layered with various colors of ink for a 3-dimensional look.

↓Mini Misti↓


Instead of trying to re-word what this tool is, SSS website puts it best by stating, this is the Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented. MISTI for short. Its simple hinge design provides consistent stamping. Place clear or cling stamp on the window/grid and close the door to stamp – perfectly aligned every time!

↓Embossing Folder↓


Embossing Folder: A plastic folder used to dry emboss paper or cardstock using an embossing machine such as a Cuttlebug. Dry embossing will add a raised texture to the paper/cardstock. Click image for link.

Cuttlebug Machines found HERE

↓ATG Gun↓


ATG Gun: An automatic tape, glue, or adhesive gun used to dispense strips of adhesive. You can get repositionable adhesive or permanent. Also called a Glue Runner.

↓Cricut Machine↓


Cricut Machine: A versatile machine used to cut images, fonts, and items at the size and color you choose. Depending on the cartridge or digital download you select for your Cricut, you can even cut out patterns for making your own gift boxes or tags! Click image for link.

Cricut Machines and Starter Packages can be found HERE.

I hope this was insightful and showed some of the nifty gadgets and tools available in the crafting community. If you have any questions about anything or want me to define something not mentioned, please click the “Comments” word below this post and let me know!

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