What is a Flipbook?


My First Flipbook!

As an avid crafter, I thought I was up-to-date on all the latest craft trends. Well, not so! 🙂 After joining a swap group on Facebook, I soon discovered that I was behind the times. I would soon learn all about a relatively new craze in the crafting world… Flipbooks!

The only “flipbook” I had heard about was the kind where you flip the pages real fast and it looks like a cartoon moving on the pages. But, in crafts, a flipbook has nothing to do with cartoons or flipping pages real fast! 🙂 Basically, a flipbook is a glorified pen pal letter that is full of goodies and pages to flip. Since this was my first flipbook, I only made a very basic tri-fold version; but a more extensive flipbook has tons of hidden pages to flip and look behind to reveal hidden treasures.

I enjoy trying out new craft ideas so I really enjoyed making this flipbook! Also, just a side note – if you like the paper rose on the cover, I will share how to make them HERE. And the banner digital image on the cover is from Cute As A Button blog. I purchased the Hello Kitty paper at Michael’s craft store on clearance, but it can also be found HERE.

Enjoy my flipbook video below!




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