Envelope Envy | How To Spruce Up Envelopes! (Floral Technique)

If you’re a card-maker like me, you work for hours (sometimes days) on designing and creating the perfect card. But usually, we’ll just stuff it inside a plain, white envelope and mail it. Why not create a fabulous envelope to go with your amazing card?! You know, envelope art – where you hand-illustrate the envelope! Carry your art outside to the envelope so everyone will know that it’s HAPPY MAIL on it’s way to someone very special! It makes for a great presentation and gives the recepient a smile even before the card inside is revealed!

But easy does it… remember that it must still be legible in order to go through the mail and must not have illustrations over the postage stamp(s). Also, no 3D embellishments on the outside; just simple illustrations and intermittent (flat) stickers, if you so choose. This can make a great impression without hindering the mail-ability of your card. (Is mail-ability even a word???).  🙂

Corner envelope illustration

Corner envelope illustration

For this envelope, let’s try a floral technique. Simply choose markers (or colored pencils, crayons, etc.) to coordinate with your card colors inside. I would recommend staying away from watercolors for the envelope illustrations, however. It could rain and the mail might get wet and smear paint, making the postman look like he’s been finger painting! 🙂 I usually just illustrate the two bottom corners on the front of the envelope, as well as the back (on top of where the envelope seals). I do not illustrate on the top two corners of the front at all.

For the floral technique, I begin with my vine. It is made up of a series of connected swirls (much like drawing the letter “S” or the number “6” and connecting). Always start in pencil and draw lightly so you can easily erase it if you make a mistake. If you want a mirror image of this, simply trace onto a separate sheet of paper and trace back onto the other corner of the envelope. In the video posted below, you will notice I begin tracing with a Light Box. This lights up the background, making tracing a breeze.

After you have your vines, draw a few leaves and flowers. It’s super simple. Complete the design by adding color. This technique is also great to use on the interior of your cards in the blank spaces that need a little something. Again, the video below will give you a much better visual of how to do this and what it looks like. Have fun!

Check out my quick video below ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓



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