Quick & Easy Christmas Card Tutorial

If you enjoy crafting, it’s a lot of fun to make handmade Christmas cards. With Christmas coming in a month, this tutorial is perfect if you are cramped for time. You can mass produce this Christmas card in no time! In the step-by-step tutorial video (posted below) I will show you exactly how to make this masterpiece!

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Crafting is all about being creative and reflecting your personality. If you like more subdued colors, choose tones that are pleasing to you. Maybe you like neon colors… go for it! Make your card with what pleases you and those who will receive your masterpiece! I have embellished my card with baker’s twine and glitter – but you may want to embellish yours differently.

Please note – if you are mailing your card(s), I would recommend NOT adding gemstones to your card as they can get crushed in shipping. If you send your card in a padded envelope, there will be an extra postage charge. To eliminate this problem, it’s best to steer clear of weighty or heavily embellished cards that can get damaged. The card featured here should ship with no problems. 🙂

I hope this tutorial will help inspire you! I would like to wish all of my readers a very blessed Christmas and a joyous New Year. Please feel free to share this post.

Check out my video tutorial below!  

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