DIY Christmas Tree Garland (Save $$)

It’s nearing that time of year again… CHRISTMAS TIME!! This is a fun time of year for us crafters, huh?! We can make Christmas cards, decor, gifts, and so much more!  But for today, let’s tackle decorating.

I will be the first to admit that I am very frugal – but, frugality flies out the window when looking at the prices of some craft items. Nonetheless, I do try to find ways around it… which leads me into today’s tutorial!!

You see, I love the look of deco mesh on a Christmas tree and wanted to decorate our tree with it. So, I came up with this idea last year. Instead of weaving the costly deco mesh in and out of the tree, (thus, wasting it) why not just create “poufs” of deco mesh for the outside?! Afterall, the outside is what shows anyway! This way, not nearly as much deco mesh is used which can mean saving some money! Also, I find this method easier than weaving it in and out of the tree. So… let’s get started!!

Links to supplies: Scissors     Pipe Cleaners     Deco Mesh     Wire Cutters

suppliesstep1Step 2step 3step 4


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