Upcycling: Coloring Book Crafts!

Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved to draw, color, paint, and craft. For those of you like me, let’s bring our childhood creativity back to life! Coloring books have such fun, happy images in them that can be used for so many craft ideas. In this blog entry, we will touch on a few ideas to get the creativity flowing! Some fun crafts to make out of coloring book images are:

~Scrapbook embellishments

~Vinyl Wall/Window Clings

~Greeting Cards

~Hanging Mobiles

~Stuffed Animals

~Door Hangers

~Framed Art

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list – but maybe it will help inspire you. This is a great alternative to paying fees for downloadable images. In a coloring book, you get tons of images for a fraction of the cost. In fact, many Dollar stores will carry jumbo coloring books for only $1.

Alternately, you can upcycle used coloring books that either you or your child has colored in already. As long as the black outline of the image is showing, it doesn’t matter if the coloring is neatly done or not. You see, for many of these craft ideas, you will be tracing the image onto a separate sheet of cardstock anyway. Cardstock is much heavier and more durable than the thin paper used for coloring books, so I recommend backing all of your images with cardstock (if you wish to use the original image from the coloring book). Also, you may back your images with foam, felt, fabric, or any other item you choose!

Below is an image I made from a Care Bear coloring book. I completed this little guy by using the paper piecing technique. To see how to paper piece, click HERE.

Made from coloring book image, then paper pieced!

Made from coloring book image, then paper pieced!

This next image was made by using the original, hand-colored image from the coloring book. I cut it out, backed it with cardstock, added some glitter, and baker’s twine for the balloon strings.

Card made from coloring book images!

Card made from coloring book images!


~Many coloring books will have also text which could be used as a sentiment. You could make a card or even a super cute bookmark!

~Instead of using crayons or colored pencils, why not try to watercolor paint your coloring book image for your project or use your Copic markers?!

~Create your own scene by using images from different pages of your coloring books.

~Mix flat 1-dimensional images with 3-dimensional (3D) embellishments to bring your project to life!

~Use the coloring book image as a pattern by tracing the image on tracing paper, tissue paper, or thin white paper. Lightly adhere or pin tracing paper onto fabric or heavy cardstock and cut out along the edges of the image. If cutting out in fabric, duplicate a mirror image and sew together. Stuff with cotton and embellish for an adorable stuffed toy! I highly recommend a Light Box for tracing.

~Always back your coloring book image so it doesn’t look ‘cheap’, transparent, or too thin. This will also keep it from ripping. You can adhere anything to the backside of your image such as cardstock, fabric, foam, etc. (depending on your project). Alternately, you can use the image as a pattern only. It is totally up to your creativity!

~For a FREE coloring page download, click HERE.




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