DIY Cell Phone Inserts

Do you like to change the look of your cell phone cover often – or maybe, even match it to your favorite ball team, the season, holidays, or your outfit?? If so, then this easy, inexpensive project is for you! This also makes a great gift idea since you can customize the cell phone inserts. So, without any further rambling… let’s get started! 🙂


Supplies Needed:

~Clear Cell Phone (Back) Case/Cover

~Cardstock (in your color/design choice)

~Cutting Mat

~Xacto Knife





STEP 1After selecting the cardstock you wish to use, turn it face down. Place your clear cell phone case on the cardstock (with the clear surface of the case flat against cardstock) and trace the outside of the case with a pencil.

Click to enlarge

STEP 1 – click to enlarge

STEP 2 – The initial tracing of the case (in STEP 1) will be too large for your insert, but it acts as your guide. Using this guide you’ve just pencil-traced, measure approximately 3/16 of an inch from the left side and re-trace phone. Also, measure approximately 1/8 of an inch from the bottom and re-trace phone. Confused yet? See image(s) for more details… a picture is worth a thousand words!

STEP 2 - click to enlarge

STEP 2 – click to enlarge

STEP 3Cut along the re-traced lines with your scissors. Fit insert into phone and make slight adjustments as needed for a perfect fit. After you’ve got the right fit, trace the opening (on the back of your cardstock – NOT the color/design side) where the camera would be on your cardstock. Place cell phone case flat side down to trace. (Make sure it’s not backwards).

STEP 3 - click to enlarge

STEP 3 – click to enlarge

STEP 4Using your Exacto knife on your self-healing crafter’s mat, cut out the opening slot for your camera. Cut ever so slightly outside of where you pencil-traced this opening. Remember, you can always take away more, but you can’t add it back after you’ve cut it! Err on the side of caution.

STEP 4 - click to enlarge

STEP 4 – click to enlarge

STEP 5 Embellish your cardstock as desired with 1-dimensional effects. Cut-outs, stickers, ribbon, etc. can be used. But do not use items that are 2D or 3D, as they will throw the fit of your insert off. If you desire a 3D element, it would be best to adhere it to the outside of your case and not on the insert. Make any final adjustments – and you’re done!!

STEP 5 - click to enlarge

STEP 5 – click to enlarge




~For this idea, you will need is a clear cell phone back case. These can be found in stores or online for as little as $0.99 (on The one I used in this project has pink “bumpers” on the sides, but there are cases available that are completely clear on the sides, as well.

~When using your Exacto knife, it can be challenging to get a straight cut if using long strokes. I find it best to use the sharp point of the knife and make a “dot-to-dot” type pattern, much like a perforation on top of the pencil line (guide) I’m cutting. After your pencil-traced guide is perforated, then it is safer to use the longer knife strokes.

~Use your first completed cell phone insert as a template guide to make other ones from. This will make it much faster and easier!



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