DIY Mini Christmas Cards

It is nearing the end of the year, but there’s still plenty of time if you want to make your own Christmas cards this year. It would be very laborious to make large cards for everyone on your mailing list. Also, I have found it can be challenging to make a large card look complete. Not only does it take more time, but it takes more supplies. Why not make cute, little, mini Christmas cards?! They are unique and oh, so cute! I made mini cards one year, and they were a hit!

Cmas Cards1

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But, I learned two things when mailing mini cards…

1.) After placing mini card in a mini envelope, it is best to place that within a larger, regular size envelope. This way, it won’t cost you extra postage to mail the odd size, mini card.

2.) Refrain from using embellishments such as gemstones and items that are raised up off the card (3D)… the postmaster doesn’t like mysterious things such as these and can charge extra postage for such things. Plus, the gemstones or other plastic embellishments can get broken in the mail. It’s best to stick with flat, lightweight things such as paper, ribbon, stickers, etc. to embellish.

This blog entry would be very lengthy if I gave instructions on each card pictured; but I am simply sharing these cards I made to help inspire some ideas for you. If I was hand-delivering the card, I embellished away (since I didn’t have to worry about postage)! Please comment below if you would like more detailed instructions on a particular card. Happy card-making!!

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I hope everybody has a safe, happy, and blessed Christmas season!



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