Silk Flower Arranging 101

Flower arranging can be a very rewarding and fun hobby! My first “real” flower arrangement I made was last Christmas, and I truly enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I am definitely a newbie at this – so, this tutorial will cover the very basics. Below, I’ve listed the supplies you’ll need for this project. However, feel free to allow your creativity to flow and make your project unique to your style!

Supplies Needed:

*Silk flowers (in the colors YOU choose!)

*”Filler” items (artificial grass, small silk flowers, ribbon, etc.)

*Vase (ceramic, glass, plastic, etc. – YOU choose!)

*Glass beads (in a coordinating color to your flowers)

*Wire Cutters


Flowers1STEP 1 – Using your wire cutters, trim stems of silk flowers to varying heights. It is best if the taller flowers are in the back of the arrangement and the shorter flowers are cascading toward the front. If unsure of the length, place them in the vase as you go along to get an idea of how they will look.

STEP 2 – Add your glass beads into the vase. You may use one color or a mixture of coordinating colors. The beads will cover the unsightly stems and add more color to your arrangement.

STEP 3 – Arrange flowers and add your “filler” items in the blank spots. Remember, nothing is permanent – so, if something needs to be moved, it can be done with ease. Keep working with your arrangement until you are satisfied with it. Finish by embellishing the vase, if you so choose.


~Use ribbon, gems, paint, etc. to embellish flower container (whether it is a vase, pot, basket, etc.).

~If you have trouble coordinating colors, look at some pictures of arrangements you like to help you choose the color scheme.

~If the price of supplies is too high at the craft store, many Dollar stores carry these items for a fraction of the cost.

~If you want more stability for your arrangement, you can use a Styrofoam form to fit the vase and push flower stems in the Styrofoam.

~Silk flower arrangements can be themed for holidays and/or used for wedding centerpieces, home decor, etc.




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