Selling Jewelry From Home

Are you an accomplished jewelry-maker? Maybe you taught yourself how to make jewelry or maybe you took a class. Either way, jewelry has the potential to sell itself if made with excellence. Personally, I enjoy making jewelry for myself or to give as a gift. I like making it just for fun. However, I have found that it will also sell and make me a little extra money on the side. I have sold it online (on eBay) and at a craft show.  But, it’s your call whether or not you wish to sell it or simply make it for fun and relaxation. For more information on how to sell your handmade jewelry from home – keep reading!

Purchasing Jewelry Supplies

When purchasing jewelry supplies, keep in mind who you are marketing to and what type of jewelry you will be making. Are you making children’s jewelry, holiday jewelry, themed jewelry? This will help you to narrow down what supplies you’ll be needing. It seems that jewelry sells better if the metal findings (clasps, earring posts, etc.) are made with real materials such as sterling silver. This will also help you in marketing your jewelry as a good selling point, since many people are sensitive or allergic to cheaper metals (such as silver-plating/gold-plating, etc.)
Also keep in mind that jewelry isn’t just necklaces and earrings. Think outside the box… think about making watches, brooches/pins, or even purse charms! Supplies can be purchased through a wholesaler, craft store, or even online. If you plan on making a side business out of this, buying in bulk will save you money in the long-run. However, it is wise to start small and “test the waters” before making a huge investment in supplies.

Photographing Jewelry

smOddly enough, probably the hardest part of selling jewelry is photographing it. Oftentimes, the photos can look lackluster and not show the detail of the jewelry. The top two things necessary for professional looking images are good lighting (sunlight is best), and a good camera. As strange as it sounds, some smart phones come with excellent cameras built in. Perhaps try this less expensive option before investing in an expensive camera… you might be pleasantly surprised!
Make sure that you have a background color that contrasts with the jewelry. For example, if your jewelry is made with black gemstones, it would be best to photograph it against a light-colored background. Another idea is to “stage” your jewelry in a unique way. Perhaps photograph a fun pair of hook earrings dangling from a rose stem with some beautiful leaves in the backdrop. Or, if your jewelry is more sophisticated, think of lighting a tea light candle in the background and photographing it indoors. The options are endless. You might find that this part of the creative process could actually become very enjoyable.

Marketing Your Jewelry

It is important to market your jewelry in order to sell it. Think of making some business cards with your contact information and carrying with you. Perhaps you have your jewelry listed for sale on Etsy or eBay – be sure to also include this information on your business cards. When someone compliments you on your jewelry, simply hand them one of your business cards or else carry inventory with you in your car. If you are on any social media sites, let your contacts know about your jewelry – especially if you are running a sale. Or, you could consider selling your jewelry at a flea market, garage sale, or craft show. With these basic principles, you will be on your way to building a small side business from home.
Happy SALES to you!
(This article, written by me, was also published on as a Seller Guide to help sellers.)

3 thoughts on “Selling Jewelry From Home

  1. Selling on etsy and ebay this was helpful for me specially for the marketing. I never thought to make purse charms! That never came through my mind thank you so much for this post it is amazing! And inspiring 🙂

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