Guest Designer: DIY Galaxy-Print Shoes

Guest crafter:  Adrienne Harmon

Guest crafter:
Adrienne Harmon

For today’s blog entry, I am pleased to welcome a guest crafter! I met Adrienne Harmon on the Polyvore website, where creative people from around the world produce digital art collages. She has graciously granted me permission to share her crafting set on how to make your very own galaxy-print shoes! Galaxy-print is a new and trendy print that looks much like a starry sky from outer space. This print is out of this world!! (Ugh, that was my cheesy attempt at comedy). Enough “comedy” – and on with the tutorial!

Please note: I have most items in the “Supplies Needed” list linked to a product that would work (links highlighted in pink). Although it needn’t be identical products, this will give you a better idea of what to look for when shopping for your supplies. I have also added a few supplies to the list which may be optional.

Supplies Needed:

~Black Canvas Shoes (Keds, Converse, or Vans will work)

~Cup of Water (disposable cup – for Mod Podge and rinsing brushes)

~Paintbrushes (stiff, small, nylon bristles for accuracy)

~Paint Tray/Palette for Paint (or a disposable plate will work)

~Acrylic Crafting Paint (Acrylic paint in white, blue, and purple)

~Waterproof Sealant Spray (comes in matte, satin, or gloss)

~Glitter (optional – in silver, purple, and/or blue)

~Mod Podge (optional)

~Tin Foil (optional)

~Foam Brush (or Sponge)


Image courtesy of Adrienne Harmon (click to enlarge)

Image courtesy of Adrienne Harmon
(click to enlarge)

STEP 1PREPARE. First, gather all supplies needed. If your shoes have laces, remove them before beginning. Also, you may line the interior of your shoes with tin foil to prevent paint from dripping inside.

STEP 2PAINT. Using your sponge or foam brush, dab the galaxy design onto the shoes. Mix your paints to achieve various color combinations to add dimension. Using your paintbrushes, you can paint on tiny stars, dots, and swirls.

STEP 3GLITTERIZE. Add a little sparkle! This step is optional, but would greatly enhance the look of your design. After your acrylic paint is dry, you may add glitter. Simply add Mod Podge and glitter to a disposable cup and mix to a paint-like consistency (a little dab will do for this project). Paint the glittery Mod Podge onto the shoes as desired – focusing glitter around the stars.

STEP 4SEAL. Using a waterproof sealant spray, seal your artwork on your shoes. And…. WHAMO! You have some trendy, stylish, galaxy-print shoes!


~ While acrylic paint removes easily from paintbrushes with water, Mod Podge isn’t so easy. I’m sure there are ways to remove Mod Podge from your paintbrush; but for the sake of your time (and nerves), it’s easiest to simply dispose of the paintbrush after use. Typically, the craft store paintbrushes are inexpensive anyhow – so it won’t be a huge loss.

Photo on Pinterest (click to enlarge)

Photo on Pinterest
(click to enlarge)

~Mod Podged glitter is very durable and you should not have any problem with glitter flecks flaking off everywhere. Who wants all of their steps tracked by a trail of glitter?? Haha!

~It is very helpful to look at a picture of the galaxy design when working on your galaxy shoes. It will help with pattern placement, colors, etc.

~If your shoes have black or white shoelaces, a fun option would be to purchase some pretty designed shoelaces in purple, blue, or another color that would work with your shoes!

~I don’t know about you – but I wouldn’t want to try a craft project on an expensive pair of shoes like Keds, Converse, or Vans. Many thrift stores (and even some craft stores) sell tennis shoes made with canvas material for a fraction of the cost.

~You can add studs and rhinestones to add extra “bling” to your shoes!

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