DIY Initial Bookmarks

I’ll admit, I’m not an avid reader. But when I DO read, I can never find a bookmark – so I end up using a fast food napkin or an old envelope to mark my page. Fancy, huh? Do-It-Yourself bookmarks are the way to go! They are quick and easy to make with very little materials required. You can make your bookmark as basic or as embellished as you like! If you’re sharing a book, these initial bookmarks will make it easier – unless your names both start with the same letter!


Supplies Needed:

~ Cardstock (you choose the color/design)

~ Fiskars Paper Trimmer (or scissors will do)

~ Cord (ribbon or yarn can be used also)

~ Large Beads (with a hole in the center)

~ Laminating Papers (found at office supply stores)

~ Hole Punch

~ Alphabet Stickers


STEP 1 – Cut your cardstock to the desired size. For precise, straight lines, I like to use my Fiskar’s Paper Trimmer. However, if you do not have a paper trimmer, you can always use a ruler and pencil to make straight lines (as a guide) on your paper before cutting with scissors.

STEP 2 – On your alphabet stickers, find your initial and adhere it to the top of your bookmark. Be careful not to get it too high because you still need to have room to punch a hole at the top of your bookmark. After decorating your bookmark, you may laminate it with your laminating papers and trim off the excess. Be sure your embellishments are flat and not three-dimensional – this way, the lamination will adhere better.

STEP 3 – Using your hole punch, punch a hole in the top/center of your bookmark. Be careful not to get your punch too close to the edge. After punching the hole, run your cord through it and tie a slip-knot. On the ends of the cord, put two beads and secure by tying a knot in the cord under the beads. And just like that… YOU’RE DONE!!


~ Even though glittery cardstock is pretty, lamination papers do not stick to it very well. It’s best to stick with matte cardstock for this project.

~ If you want both sides decorated, think of adding the designed cardstock on front and a solid/matching cardstock on back. This will make your bookmark look professionally finished. Simply glue the two pieces together before laminating.



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