Pocket Envelope

Remember when you were a kid and went to the library? They used to have little pocket inserts in the book with a card which they’d stamp to let you know when your book was due back. This craft idea is similar but can be used for so many other things. Maybe you want to start a “library” among family and friends of books, DVDs, and CDs… why not add this cute little envelope and card insert (with due date) to your cover? This will cut down on losing your books for good when you “loan” them out! Also, these little pocket envelopes are great for storing small things like paper clips, coins, or even party favors!

                                     Supplies Needed:

2014 craft

~ Cardstock (you choose colors)

~ Letters Stencil (optional)

~ Bone/Envelope Folder (for tight creases)

~ White Gel Pen or Marker

~ Glue Runner

~ Cricut “Just Because Cards” cartridge (and machine)



Step 1 – Using the cardstock color of your choice, cut out the envelope and accent piece as shown. I cut mine out using the “Just Because Cards” Cricut cartridge. Use your bone/envelope folder to crease paper. Then, use your glue runner to secure your envelope and to add the accent “pocket flap” on top.

Step 2 – Using your marker, add faux stitching to your pocket flap. Use your stencil if you desire to write your initials or any words on the pocket flap. Alternatively, you could add any type of embellishment to the pocket flap such as rhinestones, ribbon, etc. It’s that easy… and you’re done!!


~ If using these for party favors, consider using a monogram of your initials for wedding favors or age for birthday favors. These are the perfect size to hold mints, candy, or even bird seed to throw at a wedding!

~ Use this pocket envelope as a creative gift card holder!


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