15 Tips for a Successful Craft Show

Hello crafters! I hope you are having a great new year. In today’s post, I will give you the top 15 tips if you are going to be part of a craft show. My first craft show (to attend as a seller) was a couple of months ago. I had a good time – but it was a lot of work and I learned a lot! The following 15 tips are in random order. These are tips I found to be helpful from my experience as a seller… so, let’s get to it!!


1. Dress nice, yet comfortably. The top things to consider when dressing are your feet, your body temperature, and your ability to move/work. Avoid wearing shoes with heels no matter how cute they are… you’ll thank me later! Also, dress according to your body temperature. I tend to get warm very easily, so I always wear short-sleeves. Another option is to dress in layers so that you can adjust according to the temperature in the room. Lastly, make sure your clothing isn’t too tight or constrictive. You need to be able to move and work. Make sure you are decently covered.

2. Identify yourself by your attire and signage. Do you have your logo on a T-shirt that you could wear? Maybe even a name tag? Or an apron in your logo colors to set you apart from the crowd? This will make you appear more professional and reputable as a crafter. Also consider signage… it’s a great way to identify who you are and make you, once again, appear more reputable.

3. Consider selling consumable goods. Even if you are selling jewelry – consider having a cute little tub with ice and beverages inside for sale. Also, home-baked goods that are packaged nicely will sell. People may not buy your craft items, but when they get hungry or thirsty from walking around, they’ll flock to your table!

4. Consider having a raffle for one of your craft items. Sell raffle tickets for $1 each and have a big, decorated box to advertise it. Simply have the entrant put their name and phone number on the back of the ticket so that you can notify them if they win. At the craft show I went to, the tables that had raffles were a huge success.

5. Have more than one of each item. Isn’t it pleasing to the eye when you go in a department store and see a beautiful arrangement of a product offered in varying colors. Also, it is a good selling point to have more than one of each item in case someone wants to keep one and give one as a gift.

6. Bring along a “survival kit”. Many times, it is easy to forget the basics. I think it is helpful to bring along extra supplies in case you should need to repair something that got damaged or dropped. Also, bring supplies for yourself such as a small snack, a bottle of water, money, personal items, etc.

7. Smile, greet, demonstrate, and assist. Don’t look like you just lost your best friend or like you are bored. Keep a pleasant look on your face. Greet potential customers and ask them if you can help them with anything or show them how anything works.

8. Visit other vendors tables and introduce yourself. Get to the show early and take time to walk around to see other vendors tables. Feel free to purchase items (without going broke) and let them know where your table is and what you sell also. This will not only build good rapport between you and other vendors, but it could help you with inspiration or even sales.

9. Market what sells. Prepare by knowing the “demographics” of where you will be selling. If the craft show is held at a high school, consider selling more trendy items that teenagers would like. Research trends and always be unique and stand out from the crowd. If your items aren’t covered in glitter by nature, consider utilizing lighting, movement, and colorful, neat displays to attract customers. Also, if you are near a holiday – consider selling items with the holiday theme (ex. Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc.).

10. Have variety while sticking to a central theme that is eye-catching. As they say, “Variety is the spice of life.” If you only sell one type of item, you will greatly limit sales. However, if you have so much variety that there is no central focus – well, this could appear too disorganized. Strike a healthy balance. Display items professionally and in a way that will catch the customer’s eyes.

11. Arrive early, stay late. There is nothing more tacky than arriving late to the craft show… well – other than sleeping at your booth! Arriving early gives you time to set up your booth and be ready when the doors open. Also, don’t pull up stakes when sales drop. It is common that sales come in waves, so don’t throw in the towel when it gets slow. Prepare to stay for the duration of the show.

12. Have a last minute clearance! Don’t announce this until one hour before closing. Have pre-made signs which you can put out during the last hour of the craft show announcing your “one hour clearance”. This will help give you a boost in sales before the doors close.

13. Thank the host. Building a good relationship with the host of the craft show is important, because you are likely to work with him/her again. To show your appreciation, consider bringing along a “thank you” note or a small gift. If nothing else, be sure to at least thank your host before you leave.

14. Sign up early and prepare early. Typically, each craft show is held once a year. Be sure to sign up in enough time to reserve your booth – they fill up fast! Also, don’t procrastinate and wait until the last minute to prepare for a show. Crafting should be fun and relaxing rather than a stressful mad dash to meet the deadline! Trust me… I speak from experience!

15. Hide the clutter and display items professionally. I highly recommend to use cloth table covers that are long enough to hide the legs of your table(s). This way, you can use the underneath space to hide your boxes, extra crafts, etc. Also, be sure to utilize vertical space… perhaps, chic lattice work to hang items on. Also, coordinate your display items, utilizing anything from shallow dishes to small chalkboards to display prices… just try to keep it uniform. Don’t forget to post professional-looking signs with prices and the item name on it.



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