Finding-Free Wire Bracelet

At first glance, the title of this blog entry may seem a little odd… “Finding-Free”. However, for jewelry-makers, this will make sense (hopefully). A “finding” is a component used to complete a piece of jewelry such as a clasp, jump ring, crimp bead, etc. However, the bracelet we are making today has no such components. In fact, minimal tools are needed for this project.

Supplies needed

Supplies needed (click to enlarge)

Supplies Needed (click for link) :

*Round Nose Jewelry Pliers

*Jewelry Wire Cutters

*Beads (of your choice)

*18 Gauge Wire – any color



*Step One – Begin by measuring the length of wire you want for your bracelet and cut with your wire cutters. Then, using your round nose pliers, make a loop (or two) at one end of the bracelet so your beads won’t fall off as you string them. The loop(s) at the end of your bracelet should look like the picture shown below.

Wire loop (click to enlarge)

Wire loop (click to enlarge)







*Step Two – Now, string your beads in the order you choose. Pick your own colors, shapes, and design. This is the part where you can let your creativity shine! 

*Step Three – After stringing all your beads, leave a small tail on the wire (approximately 1/2 an inch) to loop. Just as we did in Step One, we will complete the bracelet by making a coordinating loop. Make sure loop is flush with your final bead so that the beads don’t slide back and forth on the bracelet. Aaaaand….. you’re done!

When wearing this bracelet, firmly squeeze wire around the wrist for a secure fit (kind of like a memory wire bracelet). This bracelet slips on and off the wrist easily without having to worry with clasps. This would make a great gift idea!

Finished bracelet (click to enlarge)

Finished bracelet on (click to enlarge)

Completed bracelet (click to enlarge)

Finished bracelet (click to enlarge)









~ Measure wire longer for a wrap-around bracelet style.

~ Try to keep wire in the round shape it came in without stretching, as it is very hard to reshape it once the original shape is changed.

~ Use varying sizes of beads to add some interest to your bracelet.


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