DIY Door Hanger

This craft is easy, affordable, and fun!! With this project, you can make the standard, “Do Not Disturb” door hanger or you can personalize it with a name or theme – the choice is yours. You could also paint the door hangers or decorate them for holidays. There are many three-dimensional ways to spruce up your door hanger by hot gluing on silk flowers, buttons, bows, and other embellishments. These are also great for kids. A boy might like dinosaurs, cars, or sports while a girl might like diamonds, glitter, and pearls! The main thing is to be creative and have fun.

Completed door hanger

Completed door hanger

Supplies Needed:

*Glue Runner

*Glue Dots

*Pointed Scissors

*1 sheet of 8.5 x 11″ blue cardstock

*1 sheet of 8.5 x 11″ black cardstock

*Foam Alphabet Letters (made with glitter)

*Hot Glue Gun (with glue sticks, of course!)

*Fiskars Paper Trimmer (or scissors)

*Wooden Door Hanger (for the base)

*Pencil & Eraser

*Black Sharpie Marker (or the color of your choice)

*Flat-back Gemstones


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*Step One – Trace door hanger twice on your sheet of blue cardstock. Cut out what you have traced and erase any excess pencil markings. To cut out the center hole, pierce the center of it with the point of your scissors and begin cutting inside it. Before gluing them on, use a Sharpie marker and color in edges of wooden hanger to disguise any raw wood edges. If you would rather, you may alternatively use acrylic paint. Then, place glue all over one side of your wooden door hanger (paying close attention to the edges) and glue traced image onto the door hanger. Do the same for the opposite side.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

*Step Two – Cut an accent piece of cardstock (I used black) to add contrast and a backdrop for your foam letters. Secure this piece on with your glue runner. To frame your accent piece of cardstock, use ribbon or strung sequins which you can secure with a hot glue gun. Also, use a dab of hot glue on the back of your foam letters and secure them where you want them.

*Step Three – For a finishing touch, secure gemstones onto your door hanger with Glue Dots in either random or precise placement.


~ Add texture to your base paper by running it through the Cuttlebug/embossing it.

~ Instead of covering door hanger in paper, why not use some acrylic paint to spruce it up?!

~ Sometimes, the door hangers have splintered edges when you purchase them. Simply use some sandpaper or a coarse nail file to smooth edges.

~ When you’re at the craft store in the wooden goods aisle, pick up a three-dimensional wooden initial for your door hanger or other cut-out wooden shapes.

~ For the advanced crafter, you could do a mosaic effect background with random shapes of glittery and matte cardstock!


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