Snowman Family

This little snowman family is cute, easy to make, and will bring lots of smiles! Don’t be dismayed when you see all of the supplies needed – you may have a lot of the supplies already. You can embellish yours just the way you like it with the materials you have on hand. Choose a different color theme or even go with more elaborate, hand-knitted scarves. Either way, it is sure to be a favorite! It only took me about 30-45 minutes to make this. But, take your time… crafting is supposed to be about relaxation!
Supplies Needed:
* Rounded Toothpicks (3)
* Christmas Tinsel (any color)
* 1 Sheet of Felt (any color)
* Wiggly Eyes (Use the smallest size eyes you can find)
*Small Buttons (6)
* Small Dish (You may use a small HEAT-SAFE souffle dish)
* Mini Bow
* Hot Glue Gun (with glue sticks, of course!)
* Xacto Knife (a household or pocket knife will also work)
* Cotton Ball
* Orange Marker
Step 1: Hot glue 3 snowmen together, making the baby the smallest by using 2 Styrofoam balls. It wouldn’t hurt to use your Xacto knife to flatten the Styrofoam balls before gluing them together. Two flat edges stick better than two rounded edges. You may also take a small bit off of the bottom so it will sit up better.
Step 2: Fill your ceramic dish with the Green Styrofoam to form a platform/base for the snowmen to sit upon. Use your Xacto knife to trim away the excess Green Styrofoam. If fitted tight enough, the Green Styrofoam needn’t be hot glued in – however, it would be a good idea to glue it in for added stability.
Step 3: Dress up the snow family! Hot glue the Wiggly Eyes and buttons on the snowmen. Use the craft cord and tie on their scarves. Also, make their noses by cutting a rounded toothpick in half (less than half) and coloring it orange with a Sharpie or Highlighter marker. Push their nose into the Styrofoam. Add Mrs. Snowman’s bow. (See Step 4 for Mr. Snowman’s hat).
Step 4: Cut a round piece of felt about the size of a half dollar (maybe a bit larger) for the brim of Mr. Snowman’s hat. Cut another strip of felt in a rectangular shape (approximately 1″ tall x 4″ wide). Finally, cut another half dollar sized circle. Glue the ends of the rectangular piece together to form a cylinder-type shape. Glue this onto the center of the first half dollar sized circle. Before gluing the other circle on the opposite end, you may stuff the hat with a cotton ball for added stability. After gluing the other circle on, leave one circle large and cut the other one to fit the hat. This will give you the top of the hat and the other one will be the brim. Use your Craft Cord (or anything else you choose) to decorate the hat. Glue Mr. Snowman’s hat on him with hot glue.
Step 5: Hot glue the snowman family onto the Green Styrofoam base. Add tinsel/garland to conceal the Green Styrofoam. Use the foam stickers to decorate your ceramic dish. You may also use ribbon or other decoration if you wish.
~ When hot gluing small objects, less glue is better. That way, it will not ooze out of the sides. However, if it does ooze, quickly use a folded piece of cardstock and wipe the glue away before it dries. Be careful not to burn your fingers!
~ When hot gluing the buttons on, use the end of a pencil eraser to press them in place. This way, you won’t burn your fingers if any of the hot glue seeps through the button holes. Another option is to use small Glue Dots to secure the Wiggly Eyes and the buttons.
~ If you don’t want the baby snowman to be bald, you can always make him a little pair of earmuffs or a stocking cap! You could even use fake doll hair if you want Mrs. Snowman to have luscious locks!
~ In hard-to-reach places, you may use a pencil to stuff the tinsel/garland down onto the base. Simply sharpen your pencil afterwards to remove the excess hot glue that may get on the tip of the pencil. Or, you could always swap out the garland for cotton to make it look like snow!
~ Styrofoam is normally a bit pricey, but I found the Styrofoam for the snowmen’s bodies at the Dollar Tree. You get the assorted sizes all in one package for $1. Availability may vary.
~ You may also use brads in the place of buttons.
~ The cotton ball is optional. But, it might be a good idea to use it to reinforce the inside of Mr. Snowman’s hat so it won’t collapse. If you do not have a cotton ball, you may also use a tiny bit of wadded up tissue paper. However, the hat will still stay without the extra stuffing.
~ If using a Sharpie marker to color the toothpicks, the best color choice would be “Tangerine”.
~ For the dish they are sitting in, I happened onto the snowflake dish at Michael’s in their clearance section for only $1. I recommend that you use an oven-safe dish since you will be putting hot glue in it – that way, it won’t melt or crack from the heat. Otherwise, you may choose a different platform to mount them on altogether. The choice is yours – be creative!
~ I used the metallic craft cord for their scarves and to embellish Mr. Snowman’s hat. However, you might wish to use a different material. Nonetheless, if you wish to use the craft cord, it can be found at Hobby Lobby craft store. If you do not have a Hobby Lobby in your area, you may also purchase this online at or you may be able to find this at another craft store.


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