Ribbon Tree

I cannot take full credit for this craft idea since I had seen it online before. However, this is my spin on the ribbon tree. As you will notice, I made mine into a Christmas tree – but this project doesn’t have to be seasonal! You can make a tree and add anything to it for Spring, Summer, or Fall! For example, you could add some miniature birds or some tiny flowers for Springtime. However, I will demonstrate the Christmas version of the ribbon tree in this blog post. It is an easy, inexpensive craft.
Supplies Needed:
~ Hot Glue Gun (with glue sticks, of course!)
~ Green Satin Ribbon (10 yards)
~ Small Faux Christmas Light Ornament
Step 1: While hot glue gun is warming up, begin to cut 2″ strips of ribbon.
Step 2: Cut a small circle out of the felt and hot glue onto the base of the cone. This will make the bottom of the cone look finished while also making it scratch-free to sit on any surface.
Step 3: Cut a strip of your ribbon and glue all the way around the base of the cone. This will help to hide any of the Styrofoam that may try to peek through the bottom layer. Then, beginning at the bottom of the tree, loop ribbon and secure to cone with straight pins at the top (raw edge) of the loop. Repeat this all the way up to the top of the cone.
Step 4: When Step 3 is completed, use your hot glue gun and carefully go under each loop to secure it better. Do not hot glue the bottom of the flared loop, just toward the top part of the loop where the straight pin is. Be careful not to get glue where you don’t want it. To finish the flat top of the cone, remove the wire hanger from your faux Christmas light ornament and use the neck of the light to carve an indentation in the foam. Remove light and run hot glue down in the indention, then replace light. This will make it secure. If excess Styrofoam shows on top, you can disguise it with ribbon and/or gemstones.
Step 5: Hot glue gemstones intermittently on the ribbon loops for color and sparkle.
And…TA-DAH!! You have a cute Ribbon Christmas Tree decoration!
~You can give this as a gift or use it for home or office decor!

~I purchased my ribbon at the Dollar Tree. If you do not have a store in your area, you can shop online or purchase at your local craft store.

~If you choose to make your ribbon tree with a Christmas theme, you may also add miniature garland, poinsettias, or red bows!

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