Basic Birthday Card: Pink Hearts

This Birthday card is perfect for anyone who loves pink! This card could also work for a Thank You card, Mother’s Day card, or even a Valentine’s Day card by simply changing the stamp sentiment! I used my Cricut Expression (cutting machine by ProvoCraft) to cut out the hearts for the card. However, the hearts can easily be cut out by hand or with a heart hole puncher. I hope you enjoy this project!


Supplies Needed:

*White Cardstock
*Light Pink Cardstock
*Dark Pink Textured Cardstock
*Glittery Pink Cardstock
*Pink Ribbon (the wide ribbon looks best)
*Rubber Stamp (with “Happy Birthday” sentiment or sentiment of your choice)
*Bone Folder (optional/to help you make tight creases when folding)
*Glue Runner (permanent)
*Glue Dots (small size)
*Paper Trimmer (Fiskar’s is a great brand)


Step 1: Cut a piece of black cardstock to desired size. I cut my card in a square shape. Fold black cardstock in half for card base. Use bone folder to get a tighter crease on your fold. Using your glue runner on the back of the white cardstock, adhere it to the black card base. Afterwards, glue on the dark pink textured cardstock.
Step 2: Cut a strip of light pink cardstock and stamp with “Happy Birthday” sentiment. Adhere to card with glue runner. Add small hearts (using your glittery pink cardstock) to the sides of light pink strip. Adhere these small hearts with your glue runner OR glue dots. On my Cricut Expression, I cut the small hearts at 1”. While cutting with the Cricut Expression, go ahead and cut a large glittery heart at 2.5” and a black (shadow) heart at 3”.
Step 3: Add your band of pink ribbon to cover the seam between the light pink sentiment and the rest of the card. You can adhere it by using your glue runner. Cut the excess ribbon away.
Step 4: Layer your 3” black shadow heart and your large 2.5” glittery heart. Place foam tape to the back of the heart to give it some dimension. Peel the protective stickers off of the foam tape and place the large heart on the top/center of the card. Slightly overlap the bottom of the heart on top of the ribbon.


~ For the interior, you can cut a piece of white paper for a lining and hand-write a message. You may also use a stamp sentiment for the inside or use a computer printer to print a sentiment or poem. If embellishing the interior, remember, less is more. You want the exterior of the card to be the most decorated. The idea is to play off of the theme on the outside of the card; perhaps putting a small heart in the corner of the interior.
~ You may make an envelope to fit your card, or purchase blank cards/envelopes together in a pack. If mailing, this will probably cost a little extra on your postage. If hand-delivering, an alternative to the envelope is to buy some clear plastic sleeves for your card and cut a small piece of tissue paper to cover the front – then seal sleeve with a sticker.
~ Make sure your dark pink textured cardstock is not textured with glitter… nothing sticks to glitter paper! When using glitter paper, always make it the top element of any design; going on top and not layered underneath anything. Also, you can texture your own dark pink cardstock using the Cuttlebug machine. This is a handy little machine which has embossing folders of all different types of designs to give your project some texture.
~ If you want your large glittery heart to stand out even more, add two thicknesses of foam tape instead of just one.
~ I found the pink ribbon for this project at the Dollar Tree. Get ribbon without texture – it will adhere better. If you do not have a Dollar Tree in your area, you may order in bulk online at:
~ When using your rubber stamp to stamp your “Happy Birthday” sentiment, do not rock the stamp back and forth on your paper – this will make the edges of the rubber on the stamp show up. Also, make sure you are stamping on a flat surface that is level. I’ve also heard it said that stamping with a mouse pad underneath helps. Whatever method you choose, be sure to stamp your sentiment or image on the paper BEFORE adhering it. This way, if it is crooked, faded, or doesn’t turn out – you can simply re-stamp it without ruining your entire project.
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