Survivor: Craft Edition/Part 1


Not enough time, space, or money for all of the latest craft tools and products? In the middle of a project and need to improvise because you’re out of a particular supply? Ah yes, most crafters can relate. In today’s blog entry, we will be going over a few alternatives and ideas to help us keep our crafting game alive during these times… we’re survivors!! 🙂


↑ How to survive with no Vellum

If you find yourself out of Vellum, you may find that wax paper is a good alternative. Also, wax paper can double as a disposable craft mat to keep your desk clean from ink, paint, glue, etc.!


↑ How to survive with no Scoring Board

If you don’t have your scoring board handy – or simply never purchased one… there’s an easy solution. Most paper trimmers with grooves will work great to double as a makeshift scoring board. Some trimmers (such as Fiskars) even have their own scoring blades that you can interchange with the cutting blade! But if you don’t have a scoring blade, no worries – simply put your paper in your trimmer and use the point of your bone folder in the groove to crease the paper!

Father's Day 17

↑ How to survive with no Embossing Machine

As I mentioned in the step above, you can use your paper trimmer with grooves as a scoring board. This also comes in handy when you want to give the look of embossing on your handmade cards. Simply use a bone folder in the groove of your trimmer to create diamonds, checks, and lines (vertical and/or horizontal). I used this technique in the card shown above and it gave a nice texture effect to the card.

survivor piercer

↑ How to survive with no Paper Piercer

Paper Piercers can be used for many things. You can make designs with them, use them to punch tiny holes in paper to fit a brad through, or even use them to unclog a glue nozzle! However, if you don’t have a paper piercer – never fear! You can easily use a straight pin or a needle instead!


↑ How to survive with no Bone Folder

If you don’t have a bone folder to crease your paper, you can use the dull backside of a plastic knife OR you may also use a letter opener. Easy peasy!

 survivor fork

↑ How to survive with no Bow Maker

Did you know that you can make the perfect bow with a fork?! Yes, it’s true! The fork tines are perfectly spaced and can work as a bow-maker. You can make fork bows with baker’s twine, yarn, or narrow ribbon. Simply wrap your ribbon in and out of the tines in the same order. When you are done, tie off the center with another piece of ribbon by threading it through the middle tines in the fork. Adjust the bow until it looks like you want it, and you’re done! If you want a larger bow, you can use a large fork. A regular size fork will make a cute, small bow.

survivor powder

↑ How to survive with no Anti-Static Powder Tool

If you use heat embossing on your projects, you probably know the absolute nuisance it is when your embossing powder sticks in areas you don’t want it (due to static electricity). EK Success has a Powder Tool which is used to deactivate adhesive; however, it is also amazing to use as a primer on your paper before embossing to reduce static electricity. However, you can – pretty much – get the same results by using baby powder. Lightly apply powder onto your paper (prior to heat embossing) with a soft powder puff or a fluffy brush. After heat embossing has set, simply wipe away excess powder.


↑ How to survive with no Rubber Stamp Sentiments

Most crafters will have an array of rubber stamps; however, maybe you don’t have the right sentiment. This problem can be remedied in a number of ways. You can type then print a sentiment on your printer, use die cut texts (as shown above), hand-write, or use a Cricut machine to write for you!

 survivor np

↑ How to survive with no Glitter

If you’re all out of glitter or don’t have the right glitter color, you can use sparkly nail polish instead! The brush on the polish will help with precision placement too! Just be careful if using polish over ink of any type since it does have the potential to smear. But in a pinch, this glitter alternative will work out great!

survivor beads

↑ How to survive with no Enamel Dots

Enamel Dots make a nice dimensional addition to any card. If you don’t have them on hand, you can always make your own – for a fraction of the cost – using pony beads! I’ve never tried this, but I’ve seen it done. You space your pony beads out on a baking sheet, making sure the baking sheet is covered first with parchment paper. Bake at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-15 minutes. This will melt down the beads until they look like enamel dots. Cool, huh?!

So, that’s all for today – but be sure to check back later this month for Part 2 of Survivor: Craft Edition. Then, I will give even more ideas as to how to keep your crafting inspiration alive when lack of supplies might get in the way! Makes me want to sing, “Stayin’ Alive”! 🙂 Until next time, happy crafting! - Create More, Spend Less

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“The Name of Jesus” Bible Journaling Entry

Hello everybody! I’m here today with a new Bible Journaling entry to share! I have a few additional posts, all about Bible Journaling. If you want to check out my previous posts, I will link to them below:

Bible Journaling 101

Song of Solomon Bible Journaling

“Love” | heART of Worship Bible Journaling

_The Name of Jesus_

The scripture I am focusing on today is found in Philippians 2:10 which says, “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth…”

The beauty of Bible Journaling is that it can be done in a notebook journal… so don’t feel that you must make a big investment to enjoy this type of art and study. The point of Bible Journaling is to learn, memorize, retain, and reflect upon the sacred scripture. In the supplies list below, I will link to a Bible Journal and supplies – but again, don’t feel that you must have anything fancy in order to still enjoy this form of art.


Bible Journal     Scissors     Cardstock

Colored Pencils     Sakura Brush Pen     Glue Runner

Step-By-Step Instructions:

STEP 1: I actually found the graphic for my Bible Journaling entry from a church program! I used my scissors to fussy cut out the name “Jesus” from the program cover.



STEP 2: I wanted to add a shadow effect/black outline behind the text, so I placed my cut-out text “Jesus” onto a piece of black cardstock paper. I traced around the text then cut it larger to create a shadow. Afterwards, I glued text “Jesus” onto the black cardstock. Set this aside for now.



STEP 3: In my Bible column, I wanted a banner. So, I drew the banner onto a piece of scratch paper first to make sure I liked the design and also in case I made any mistakes. After I was pleased with the design, I put my scratch paper behind my Bible column and traced my hand-drawn banner onto the column with a pencil. After I was pleased, I went ahead and used my black brush pen/marker to outline. I recommend the Sakura Brush Pen (linked above) as it is designed for this very thing and will not bleed or feather.



STEP 4: The final steps are to glue the “Jesus” text under my banner and to use my colored pencils to color everything in, including my background. This completes this entry!

Bible Journal4


This project was very enjoyable for me and I hope you will give Bible Journaling a try! Also, I must mention… if you are looking for a wonderful drawing instructions, check out The Revision Guide on Instagram. I will link to her step-by-step banner drawing which helped me to draw my banner.

See the link here The Revision Guide

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Summer Vacation Scrapbook Ideas

Scrapbooking is a great way to document your memories from your Summer vacation OR your Summer “Stay-cation”. Either way – the ideas below are meant to inspire you to create so you can cherish your Summer memories for years to come!

In order to get the creative juices flowing, I’ve created a few digital scrapbook layouts (on that can be easily customized. I also have a supply list provided at the bottom of this post. The layouts for the scrapbook pages are listed in random order – choose the one that best fits your style!

Simple Summer Layout

summer layout1

↑ This no-fuss simple layout is great for featuring a vertical photograph. A perfect style for beginners.

Summer Snapshots Layout

summer layout 2

↑ This layout is great if you have 2-4 photographs that you want to put on the same page. If you want the look of Polaroid pictures but don’t have a Polaroid camera, simply frame with white cardstock!

Angled Pics Layout

summer layout 4

↑ Angling photographs gives your scrapbook page added interest. Paired with patterned cardstock and text accents embossed onto Vellum, this layout is whimsical and fun!

Mini Pics Layout with Text

summer layout 44

↑ If you need a place on your scrapbook page to write, stamp, or type text, then this layout will work perfectly. Simply shrink photographs down to size and align on one side, allowing plenty of room for your text!


Cricut Maker

If you’ll notice, all of the scrapbook layouts shown above have such cute embellishments added to them! Cute embellishments can be easily made using any of the Cricut machines! But, guess what?? Cricut will be releasing their BRAND NEW Cricut Maker machine on August 20th! Please check out the supply list below for links to images and other tools that will make scrapbooking a blast!! Happy crafting! 🙂

Supply List 

Cricut Explore Air 2

“Summer Love” Images

“Life is a Beach” Images

“Doodlecharms” Images

“Lyrical Letters” Font

Glitter Cardstock Sampler

Vellum Sampler

Shop new arrivals from Cricut!

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DIY Back-To-School Supplies

It’s that time of year again… back-to-school for the kiddos (and even college students)! In today’s post, I will feature my TOP 3 DIY school supplies! We don’t have much time until school starts, so let’s jump right in, shall we??

Project Idea #1: Holographic Notebook Cover


Make a holographic notebook cover with any word, phrase, or image you choose! Once you decide on the image, simply use scissors or a Cricut cutting machine to cut out your holographic vinyl.

Simply place on your notebook and you’re all set! Easy peasy!! 🙂

Project Idea #2: Fabric Pencil Bag


Whether for a guy or gal, you can easily and professionally customize a pencil bag using Cricut’s printable Fabric!

There are tons of images and fonts available on Cricut’s website in either digital or cartridge form!


Project Idea #3: Custom Washi Pencils

cricut3Make custom, unique pencils easily with Washi sheets! It’s quick and easy! Simply cut a section to fit your pencil, remove backing from sheet, wrap, and your done!

P.S. You can also get FREE SHIPPING at on orders of $50+ this month by using the code AUGSHIP.



I trust these quick and easy project ideas inspired you today! Please feel free to share this post. Have a creatively fun time making these back-to-school projects!

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Lisa Frank-Inspired Card & GIVEAWAY!

EDIT: This giveaway is closed, but you can always visit my Giveaways & More page for ongoing giveaways, freebies, coupons, and more! Winner announced at the bottom of this post.

When I was younger, I absolutely loved the artwork by artist, Lisa Frank. My school pencils and folders were all covered with her art. She also has a few art pieces with animal print, which I love! So, the colors and print of today’s card are inspired by the artwork of Lisa Frank.

P.S. Be sure to check out the giveaway at the end of this post!!

Custom Leopard Backdrop card

For the card we’re making today, you will need the following supplies which are linked below:

Memento Tuxedo Black Ink          Sentiment Stamp

Rectangle Acrylic Block                  Distress Ink Mini Set

Sakura Brush Pen (Black)              Watercolor Paper

Gems or Sequins                               Glue Runner

Glue Dots                                             Scissors

Card Base                                            Cardstock

For full instructions, please refer to my YouTube video below:

Lisa Frank Coloring Book GIVEAWAY!


I will be giving away a Lisa Frank coloring book to one of YOU! And guess what?? This contest is open internationally!! This contest will only be open for ONE WEEK so get your entries in before August 5, 2017 at 12am CST!  It’s easy to enter using the Rafflecopter widget linked below…↓↓↓

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Mini Christmas Prize Pack Winner!

WAG mcpp

Hello everybody! I’m back with a quick post letting you know who won the Mini Christmas Prize Pack Giveaway!! I used the Rafflecopter widget to choose a winner at random out of all of the entries received. So, the winner is…



Congratulations, Kendra! I have sent you an e-mail for you to claim your prize pack and to provide your shipping information.

Thanks to EVERYBODY who participated. And don’t lose heart if you didn’t win, I will have more giveaways coming up. In the meantime, you can check out the Giveaways & More page, here on the Multiplicity Crafts blog! Have a great day! 🙂

The lightweight, low-profile BrightPad makes crafting easier while reducing eye strain.

Easy Sticker Card for Christmas in July + GIVEAWAY!

Fast, easy, unique!! This card is super simple and doesn’t take many supplies. In fact, the supplies you will need may already be in your stash. You will only need FIVE supplies for this FIVE-STEP, FIVE MINUTE card!

All you need to do is find the Christmas stickers you want to use… that will be how you will choose your color theme for your cardstock. This card sort of makes itself! 😉 The supplies you will need are…




Washi Tape

Christmas Stickers

 ↑ Click for Links ↑

Step-By-Step Instructions:


STEP 1: Begin by placing six Christmas stickers onto your cardstock.


STEP 2: Use your scissors to cut a border around the stickers from the cardstock.


STEP 3: Align stickers onto your card base and adhere down with glue.


STEP 4: Add a strip of coordinating Washi Tape to the center.


STEP 5: Finish your card by adding a sentiment sticker OR foam cutout sticker to the center.

It’s THAT easy!! This is a great card for kids and/or beginners to try out. It’s also nice if you are mass-producing similar cards since each card only takes about five minutes to make!


To thank all of you for stopping by my blog today, I will be giving away a mini Christmas prize pack with a set of Gold Foiled Christmas Stickers AND a set of Recollections Holiday-Colored Solid Cardstock (10 sheets of 8.5 x 11″ in a variety of colors) to one lucky winner (U.S. residents only). Contest ends on 7/24/17 at midnight CST. Winner will be e-mailed shortly thereafter to claim their prize.

↓↓↓ Easy to enter by clicking the Rafflecopter link below ↓↓↓

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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